Marketing Plans

Search Engine Optimization is just one step in marketing your business through the use of keywords and meta tags.  Scanning, researching and analyzing to better your web site’s position is all but the beginning.  The next step is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the actual management of social media and media purchase.  This is known as Search Engine Marketing Management (SEEM).

Marketing Management: Marketing expenditure is based on a budget allocated for development and expansion. Let me give you some examples of how to allocate that management time.

  1. Social Media, accounts with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… There are hundreds. is all about writing, writing, writing on blogs, creating a Twitter account or Facebook. It is limitless. All it takes is time. Powerful online communities like forums and blogs increase your sales. By having HI5, LinkedIn, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, YOUTUBE, ON LINE STOREs, and PHOTO GALLERIES, your business becomes recognized like the big guys.
  2. Directory and Review Placement: It’s important to get the word out to new customers.
  3. Media Buy: Advertising is a way to beat the competition. And Internet advertising is the least expensive way to advertise these days whether it’s Pay-per-click Advertising on Google and Yahoo or Banner Ads on network industry friendly sites.
  4. AP WIRE: News that goes out to newspaper and other industry print and digital outlets.
  5. Email Marketing: It is necessary to stay in touch with customers as well as reaching out to new customers. We have a non-evasive method to get you in that email box.
  6. Local Advertising to assist in bringing the awareness to your community, including direct mail, and custom ad placement
  7. Local TV – TV Interview featuring you.
  8. Newspaper and Magazine Ads – Advertising Specifically placed for a certain region.
  9. Post Cards – Area intensive Direct Mail, which is a more expensive effective placement for local clientele

SEO Marketing Weekly Plans

SEO/Social/PR Monthly