Tech Support

Support Plans

We offer the best Tech Support in the business.  If you are looking for private one-on-one, we’re there.  If you are looking for phone support, we’re there.  If you just want to email or text, we are there for you.

Support Plans

We Support All Industries

From businesses in most industries including in the military, security, law enforcement, manufacturers, events, healthcare, property development, fashion, public safety, educational institutions, individuals, etc…, we offer the perfect solution for your company whether it’s on a Mac Windows. Our friendly techs will help you with any computer problems you may have, from slow running computers, to upgrades, to networking, to data recovery. We offer that old school one-on-one service whatever the issue.

System Administration

From building systems to networking, Ahostnet.Net is the solution for you. We will go on location no matter where you are and create what you need.

Workshops & Computer Training

Sign up today and let us help you learn easy ways to promote your company on the internet. Ahostnet.Net offers training on all software and internet related issues. Write a list of items you wish to learn, and Email us the list and contact info, and we will return the call. Someone will come to your home or office and improve your computer and internet skills. It’s easier with a trainer.

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